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iRALL School 2016 has been completed with the field trip successfully accomplished

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On the afternoon of October 23rd, students and teachers from iRALL School 2016, which was hosted by the State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection, Chengdu University of Technology, came to the field practice base of Beichuan Publicity and Education Center to do the field study and practical training.


On the morning of October 24th, Professor JanuszWasowski from Italy and Professor Victor Jetten form ITC, the Netherlands gave lectures to in the meeting room of Publicity and Education Center.


Professor JanuszWasowski from Research Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection, Italy, is a well-known scientist in geological engineering, natural disaster and applied remote sensing, whose research scope involves from slope instability to landslide assessment, etc. He mainly explained how to better utilize satellite multi-period interference technology to inspect large scale landslides.


Professor Victor Jetten from ITC, the Netherlands, mainly studies geohazardspacial prediction, risk assessment and management and globe observation information. He lectured integrated modeling of hazard process, including the measurement of global subsidence, research of climate prediction, analysis of flood influence and etc.


On the afternoon of October 24th, teachers led more than 50 students to the earthquake site in old Beichuan County, which was the worst hit area during the Wenchuan Earthquake. The beautiful county fell into ruins instantly when the earthquake happened. 


Professor Wang Yunshengstood in front of earthquake site in Beichuan County to narrate the geological structure of Beichuan area and the miserable scene of Beichuan after earthquake. He led students to observe the rupture distance with 11m caused by Wenchuan Earthquake. After Mr. Wang’s vivid explanation, students got better understanding of the triggering mechanism of Wenchuan Earthquake and the influence that secondary disaster had on people’s security after earthquake.